CNET Antigua & Barbuda will generate profit by selling solar power to the grid and selling organic fruits and vegetables and fish and shrimp to Antigua & Barbuda and other markets.

The crowdsale participant receives 50% of the Net Profit from the Solar Power Plant and the Hydroponics and Aquaponics plant. The other 50% is re-invested to increase the size of the Projects and increase income to the crowdsale participants.

Solar Power Plant and Storage Battery

The CNET Antigua & Barbuda Solar Farm and Battery Storage will be a 10 Megawatt (MW) photovoltaic power station in the Island of Antigua & Barbuda. The PV and battery system (and related bi-directional inverter, power control electronics, etc.) sized to compare with solar thermal with 10-hour storage on capacity factor basis (52%).

Battery round trip has a DC efficiency of 90% (including auxiliary losses). The System has a 20-year useful life, although in practice the unit may perform longer.

It uses approximately 1.5 million cadmium telluride modules made by a US thin-film manufacturer.