CNET Antigua & Barbuda will team with AmHydro and GrowPonics to develop the first hydroponic farms, for the purpose of supplying quality produce to Antigua & Barbuda and the other markets.

AmHydro has designed and built innovative, hydroponic systems for over 30 years. We manufacture and help install food-grade growing systems for small and large operations. Our systems are operating in over 60 countries and in many of the United States. They range in size from 5-plus feet (for hobbyists and educators) to multiple acres for commercial suppliers of Whole Foods and Costco. https://amhydro.com/

Growponics Ltd. designs and builds automated greenhouses that use modern agronomics and high technology to maximize food/plant production and profitability on crop yields grown 365 days a year, specializing in a unique, shallow-bed, rotating using hydroponic growing methods: http://www.growponics.co.uk/. CNET Antigua & Barbuda recognizes the need to improve and advance agricultural initiatives in Antigua & Barbuda and throughout the Caribbean.


CNET Antigua & Barbuda will team with Water Farmers and other manufacturers to develop the first aquaculture projects, for the purpose of supplying quality fish and shrimp to Antigua & Barbuda and the other markets. https://www.waterfarmers.ca/

Mega Farm

The Mega Farm will grow fruits and vegetables that the island currently imports, resulting in a reduced cost to the people, and growing more of what is produced on the island for consumption and export.

The vision for the Complex captures a state-of-the-art investment that seeks to develop and maintain long-term multi-generational programs which will foster the natural, social and economic aspects of agricultural production in Antigua & Barbuda.

Agricultural Processing Plant

This investment will focus on integrating state-of-the-art technology, and develop solutions that will ensure that food and nutrition are safe; all of which contributes to a secure, independent nation. In addition, the quest to improve farmers’ profit and livelihoods, the intensification of adaptation of climate change mitigation measures, and the need to regulate the local market environment is enveloped in the establishment and promotion of the smart model E-friendly Antigua & Barbuda HACCAP (Hazard Analysis Certified Control Point) Processing Complex.

Farmers will have the opportunity to grow and drop their products off for payment, creating a one-stop shop for the Farmers on the island.